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Larry Benedict managed a $900 million global macro hedge fund and has over 30 years market experience. Larry shares the strategy and philosophy that has made him one of the market’s most highly respected traders. What’s more, Larry has brought together a team of market legends to share what signals they focus on, how they react to breaking news, and learn their formula for success – all actionable and in real time.
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Our members-only Live Stream is an ecosystem where traders collaborate daily on futures, equity and option trade ideas. In our live stream each morning, we develop a game plan to get you ready for the day's key events to help you become a more informed and consistent trader. Members can watch Larry trade live and see the key charts our experts are focusing on while viewing our market sentiment indicators.


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Our Live Stream gives you the flexibility to see every comment from our experienced team in one section and our community's comments in a separate chat.

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Our market experts have made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits over their careers. But that’s not all. Many of our team members have over 30 years experience covering equity, global macro, fx, energy, metals, agriculture, technical analysis, market sentiment, volatility, and more. All of which are discussed in our daily Live Stream by this highly-skilled team of experts.

Laurence Benedict


Mark B. Fisher


Angie Setzer


joe vaclavik


adam collins


Phil Flynn


Tony Greer


Brynne Kelly


Vincent Lanci


Tracy Shuchart


Commodity Research Group


Laurence BenedictFounder

Mr. Benedict, a graduate of Syracuse University has over thirty years of experience as an investment professional. In 1984, he began his career as a market maker in equity derivatives products on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Later, Mr. Benedict worked as a market maker on the American Stock Exchange and, in 1989, was hired by Spear Leeds & Kellogg (SLK) as their options specialist in the XMI Major Market Index on the American Stock Exchange. From 1992 to 1995, Mr. Benedict managed the off-floor derivative index trading at SLK. In 1995, Mr. Benedict became a Managing Director of the newly created proprietary trading department of SLK. During this time period, Mr. Benedict became a Special Limited Partner of the organization. After the Goldman Sachs purchase of SLK in 2000, Mr. Benedict took the opportunity to launch Banyan Equity Management, LLC. Banyan was a short term discretionary trading hedge fund firm which managed client assets in excess of $900mm. Larry was featured in the popular trading book series, “Market Wizards, Hedge Fund How Winning Traders Win”(2012). Banyan was a recipient of Barrons top 100 hedge funds on numerous occasions.

Video Library

Tony Greer, September 04 2018

Tony Greer discussed the broader market, cannabis stocks, NKE among other topics.

Brynne Kelly, August 2018

Brynne discussed current markets and the basis market, among other topics.

Mark Fisher, August 2018

Mark discussed buying puts in the equity markets vs a long energy position, among other topics.

Edward Meir, August 2018

We had a great discussion with Ed, covering Metals, FX, and the Global Landscape.

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  • Larry and Other Experts Live Trade Updates
  • Live Trade Alerts, both in our chat room and through mobile alerts
  • Our Market Research, including morning and overnight notes.
  • Live breaking news. As news breaks we react with our community.
  • Video and audio “squawk” of the AM game plan each morning.
  • Expert research webinars with Q&A.
  • Guest webinars with successful CTA and Hedge Fund managers.
  • Interactive polls on market direction which creates our community sentiment index.
  • Community of like-minded traders.
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